Diplomatic relations between Qatar and Venezuela are dated back to May 24, 1973; and that's when it was agreed to establish diplomatic relations between Doha and Caracas at resident ambassadors level. Both countries sought to establish a relationship of friendship and cooperation between them in all fields, including the private commercial and economic sphere and investment in the field of oil and gas.

In December 2001 the State of Qatar opened its embassy in Venezuela. Information shared between the State of Qatar and Venezuela About Venezuela accredited to the State of Qatar missions The Venezuelan government opened its embassy in Qatar has appointed Ambassador Carlos Rios Sharpay an accredited ambassador, followed by Ambassador Dr. Juan Antonio Ornndes. At the moment, there is a charge d'affaires.

Bilateral relations between Qatar and Venezuela Bilateral relations between Qatar and Venezuela is characterized by friendship and coordination in international forums where the two countries belong to OPEC countries and there are a number of agreements signed between the two countries and several other under negotiation. Visas to citizens and visas Visitor arrivals: It must be a Qatari national trait for a visa to enter Venezuela.