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State name: the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Capital: Caracas, with an estimated population of about 5 million people.

Area: an area (916.445) km 2, and a global center occupies 33 in terms of area, followed her around (72) Island in the Caribbean.

Population: The population of Venezuela, according to Venezuela's National Bureau of Statistics 31,648,930 inhabitants (2013)

The ethnic composition of the population: The nearly 67% of Venezuelans are a mix of races and nationalities, different result for open immigration for more than two centuries, is the most important nationalities and communities that make up the blend of Venezuelan society: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic (Lebanon, Syria and Palestine) and Colombia.

The rest of the ethnic composition of the population of Venezuela, it is 21% of the white race and 10% of blacks and 2 of the indigenous population of the country (the Indians).

Languages: the official language of the country is Spanish, which has taken root since the presence of Spanish colonialism, but the new Venezuelan Constitution recognizes the various tribes of the country's population indigenous languages.

 Religions: Venezuelan Constitution provides for respect for freedom of beliefs and religions of the citizens, but that Catholic Christianity is the official religion of Venezuela, followed by the vast majority of the population. There are also minorities of other religions, such as Islam (about 1% of the total population) and the new Jewish and Christian movements such as evangelicals and Jehovah's Witnesses and others.

The national currency: the Venezuelan currency is the "Bolivar" ratio nickname editor Simon Bolivar.

The official rate of the US dollar is 6.3 Bolivar currently prevailing in addition to tenders carried out by the Central Bank of claim 1 cycad (dollar price ranges where between 11 and 12 Bolivar) and the price of cycad 2, where the dollar exchange rate ranges between 55 and 53 Bolivar. 

- GDP: (2013) 408 805 million dollars

- GDP per capita: (2013) to $ 13,634 

Geographic profile

 Location: Venezuela is located in the far north of South America, bordered on the north Caribbean and the Middle Gayana and the Atlantic Ocean on the south by Brazil and the south-west and west Colombia.

The most important cities: Maracaibo - Valencia - Barquisimeto - Ciudad Guiana - Maracay - Ciudad Bolivar - San Cristobal - Cumana - Barcillona - The area (Canaima) the most important tourist areas where the highest waterfall in the world where there are (Salto Angel) and the Archipelago (Los Rockies ) component of about 50 small island is considered the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the best natural swimming pools in the world, and the island of Margarita that parallel the beauty, the most important tourist islands of the Caribbean Sea, in addition to the area (Merida) rich mountain landscapes.

Administrative Division: The country is divided politically administratively to (23) states, in addition to the capital, Caracas, the political center of the country, and each headed by a governor elected for a term of four years, while presiding over a large capital mayor of Caracas team for the same period, has also developed a newly Venezuelan President Through decree presidential post of governor of Caracas in order to limit the powers of the mayor of the capital after it was won by one of the most prominent opposition leaders

Weather in Venezuela: The climate is tropical.

Currency teams: the official dollar equivalent at present 6.3 Bolivar formally.

Coordinated Universal Time to Doha and Venezuela: 7:30 hours from Doha teams

Prayer in Venezuela Times:

Fajr Sunrise Dhuhor Asir Maghrib Ishaa
5:18 AM 6:28 AM 12:33 PM 3:47 PM 6:38 PM 7:49 PM